Center for Education Awareness

The Center of Education Awareness is an internal component of the organization, and focuses on the practices and policies within the education arena.

The mission of the Center is to increase the public’s understanding of the practical role education plays in societal outcomes. To pursue our mission, the Center:

  • Conducts research that gauges the public perception, analyzes gaps between population segments, identifies barriers, and benchmarks desirable outcomes on the local, national, and international levels.
  • Disseminates findings through all media outlets to foster positive change throughout the full spectrum of stakeholders from policymakers to students.
  • Administers grant programs, which align with our mission.
  • Leverages the commercial application of marketing to “sell” the concept of education attainment through the production of: literature, video, print, and public service announcement content which positively influences attitudes and behavior of stakeholders.
  • Provides toolkit aids to support behavioral changes, which yield increase education attainment.
  • Engages local communities through hosting forums that bring stakeholders together to encourage increased community involvement and maintain a presence at local events.
  • Leverages resources and pursues collaborations that result in campaign initiatives with other non-profit organizations.
  • Advocates for the passage of favorable legislation to support increased education attainment within IRS guidelines.