Strengthening Families and Communities – “Creating an Environment which Fosters Successful Outcomes”


The Vision:

The home is the most vital institution throughout civilization. The 21st Century Harvest Foundation, Inc. envisions young adults leaving their nest with the proper love, support, and instruction, necessary to become productive and responsible citizens. We foresee a repetitive model of these individuals marrying, having children, staying married, and serving as proper role models as parents. We passionately believe that strong families = strong communities, which in turn helps cement our long term economic standing.

We also foresee individuals and communities coming together to be active participants in their governments. We envision the citizenry being active in all levels of political civic engagement from: voting, petitioning their representatives on issues, bringing referendums to the ballot, and increasing involvement in the primary election process.

The Problem:

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, marriage rates are at an all-time low in this country. Correspondingly, an individual’s home environment is a strong indicator of their overall success. Far too many Americans grow up in homes where they do not receive the proper love, support, and instruction. These individuals leave their nest hurt and broken, which hampers their ability to be productive. The intrinsic success model associated with a healthy two parent household is not experienced by far too many. Unfortunately, single-parented families are often associated with economic hardships which in turn translate into socioeconomic troubled communities.

As it relates to political civic engagement, individuals who experience hardships at home tend to be less optimistic about their ability to personally improve their circumstances. Voting, during presidential election cycles, becomes the only level of civic engagement many participate in. These individuals are encouraged to go to the polls, but after the election cycle their voices are not heard.

Our Piece of the Solution:

21st Century Harvest Foundation, Inc. will play an important role in strengthening families and communities through the following activities: Promoting the benefits of marriage, informing the public on successful child rendering strategies, and encouraging increased political civic engagement.