Why We Exist


21st Century Harvest Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization not for profit organization.

Mission Statement:

Centering the focus of today’s social and economic activity on yielding a positive return for the next generation through: gathering/analyzing data, evaluating policy, and educating the general public.


21st Century Harvest Foundation, Inc. envisions societal stakeholders having the knowledge, understanding, and will to pursue actionable courses, which maximize human capital and output.

Organizational Charge:

Throughout the ages, mankind’s survival has been partially linked to his ability to produce a bountiful harvest. Despite the explosion of technological advances in the last century, nations across the world today still rightfully have a targeted eye on producing/importing enough food to sustain their people.

The agrarian principles of ground preparation, seed sowing, and seed nurturing, which ultimately lead up to the harvest, are vital teaching points that all of us should incorporate into our own individual and collective lives. Thus, the 21st Century Harvest Foundation exists to positively impact our harvest of human talent during this millennium.

In the midst of staggering high school dropout rates, increased poverty, rapid unemployment, declining marriage rates, record home foreclosures, negative personal savings rates, and maturing globalization, the 21st Century Harvest Foundation was founded to serve as a catalyst for change in improving socioeconomic conditions. It was established on the fact that all individuals have worth; yet, personal choices and public policy have a profound effect of whether individuals and societies as a whole reap the benefits of their greatest asset, people.

It is our belief that educating and informing the general public on major life decision measures, in the areas of: Education, Financial Literacy, and Civic Engagement, will produce not only a better today but also a brighter tomorrow for future generations.